DUO Skin To Skin – High Quality Very Thin Condoms 6pcs
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DUO Skin To Skin – High Quality Very Thin Condoms 6pcs

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Duo Skin to Skin

Thin Condoms to Feel Even Greater Pleasure

  • Skin to skin condomsare designedfor you to feeleven more pleasure, thanks to the significantly better sensation of your partner, while ensuring you high protection and safety.
  • With natural color, straight shape, smooth surface, seminal ending, lubricating coating.
  • With neutralizingvanilla aroma.
  • Nominalwidth 56mm.


This condomcontains natural Latex which can cause an allergic reaction and in some people allergic shock.


  • DUO condoms are designed to ensureyou comfort, protection and enjoyment.
  • They are manufacturedto the highest possible standards.
  • Each condom is electronically controlled.
  • Each condom is intendedfor single use only.
  • If reused there is a serious risk of infection or lack of protection.
  • Storein a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
  • When usinga latex condom, never use oils or creams such as body cream, baby oil, petroleum jelly or massage oil as these products degrade the latex.
  • Always usewater-based products or special lubricants compatible with condoms.
  • Consultyour doctor if you or your partner use any medication for the penis or vagina.
  • In case of latex allergy, including allergic shock, condoms should be used only on the advice of a doctor.
  • No contraceptive method provides 100% protection against unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.