Frezyderm Baby Cream PROMO Diaper Changing Cream 175ml & GIFT Baby Shampoo 100ml
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Frezyderm Baby Cream PROMO Diaper Changing Cream 175ml & GIFT Baby Shampoo 100ml

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Baby Cream

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Soft, protective and waterproof cream for daily care of the thigh-genital area after changing the diaper.


  • Chamomile oil with anti-inflammatory and soothing action
  • Panthenol to regenerate the skin and healing
  • Zinc oxide with antiseptic and waterproofing action

Dermatologically tested.

Without fragrance and parabens.

Baby Shampoo


  • With a pH compatible with a baby’s tears, it does not sting the eyes.
  • Without dyes and parabens
Gentle shampoo for daily bathing of babies. Thanks to its special composition, it gently cleans and cares for hair, while at the same time the wheat proteins it contains strengthen the structure of the hair. Enriched with chamomile extract for anti -inflammatory and anti -irritant action. It respects the physiology of baby skin by protecting the skin barrier, pH and normal skin flora.

Dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested

suitable for

  • Babies
Carefully holding the baby with one hand, pour a small amount on the baby’s head and rub very gently. Also carefully clean the nipples and the area behind them as well as the neck. Rinse with low water either under the tap or by pouring water with your hand.
Useful information: For infant head we should use a gentle shampoo, not a body and hair product, as it will have fewer emollient properties than those of the shower gel, so as not to burden the scalp but to provide more hydration to the hair.
2 -in -1 products for hair and body are not indicated because the needs of scalp and hair are different from these body skin.

Mild surfactants: Cleaning | Grooming
Chamomile extract: Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant action
Wheat proteins: Strengthening the natural structure of the hair | Skin care