Frezyderm Sun Screen Velvet Body Lotion SPF 50+ UVA Sunscreen Body Lotion 125ml

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Sunscreen body lotion, ideal for sun protection, for light phototypes, photosensitive skin and those with moles and scars.

Thanks to the revolutionary Second Skin Technology, its unique texture leaves a velvety feeling on the skin, leaves no white complexion, allows the skin to breathe, remains stable without dissolving in water and sweating, ensures better filter distribution and better application with a simple touch without friction.

Prevents the signs of photoaging and at the same time protects against discolorations created by sun exposure.

Suitable for all skin types and all ages.

It does not contain parabens.

Non-greasy texture

Dermatologically tested.


Open photocopies.

Photosensitive skin

Skin with moles, scars, skin discoloration.




FREZYDERM Research and Development has developed an innovative sun protection system, the P.I.P. System Plus contained in all Sun Screen and Sunscreen products

 ensures prolonged and stable sun protection

 offers protection against Photoimmune Suppression and Photoaging

 achieves DNA shielding of skin cells as well as its functionality

 offers protection from environmental aggression

And also thanks to the unique combination of vegetable oils and antioxidants

 protects stem cells

 strengthens the self-repair mechanisms of DNA (a natural function of the skin, but which does not work after sun exposure)

 provides antioxidant protection


The sun is the most important star in life as we know it. Its radiation is essential for the development of all living organisms and vision, while it contributes positively to both our mental mood and our vitality.

However, prolonged exposure to the sun is directly responsible for severe redness (redness), burns, photoallergy, discoloration of the face and body, premature signs of aging (photoaging) and most importantly photocarcinogenesis.

Little Tips

Sun protection is the most important prevention measure and can be achieved by following a few simple rules:

Avoid exposure to the sun, during the hours of maximum sunshine, ie between 12:00 and 16:00

Face, body and eye protection, always using a hat, sunglasses and T-shirt

Use of sunscreen products, for effective protection from UVA and UVB radiation,