Hansaplast Cracked Heel Ointment Cracked Heel Ointment 40ml

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Ointment for Cracked Heels

It is clinically proven that Hansaplast Cracked Heel Ointment provides highly effective foot care, as it helps to effectively repair the skin in the areas of painful cracks. Its soothing composition with panthenol and bisavolol, activates the natural process of skin reconstruction and makes the skin soft and healthy. It also creates a protective layer, which retains moisture on the skin in the area ensuring ideal healing conditions. Cracked Heel Ointment is hypoallergenic, without fragrances and preservatives.

This product is suitable for diabetics.


Dermatologically Approved

Clinical studies confirm that the product is compatible with the skin.

Clinical Studies

Improved skin conditions

Hansaplast Cracked Heel Ointment based on dermatological studies, confirms its ability to improve skin conditions, its effectiveness and its local tolerance. This product is an effective and safe choice for the treatment of very dry and chapped feet.

The test confirmed that the composition:

Significantly reduces dryness, hardening, cracking and cracking

significantly improves skin hydration

significantly improves skin hydration after just one week (as perceived by study participants)

remained tolerated by the skin throughout the study

* In-use dermatological study 1: 32 women with very dry and chapped skin on the feet and heels. In-use dermatological study 2: 33 women with very dry and chapped skin on the feet and heels, including 17 (51.5%) diabetics.