Hedrin PROMO Protect & Go Anti-Fluori Spray Conditioner 200ml & Solution Anti-Fluoro Lotion 100ml
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Hedrin PROMO Protect & Go Anti-Fluori Spray Conditioner 200ml & Solution Anti-Fluoro Lotion 100ml

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Children’s Antifungal Conditioner Hair Spray

Spray conditioner, easy to use, clinically proven to help protect against lice

It disrupts the life cycle of lice, preventing decay

Water-based conditioner that is easy to use and can be applied to wet or dry hair after washing

Use after every wash or at least 2 times a week

It is very easy for children to get lice. But now, you can effectively protect your children against lice – and ensure their hair looks healthy too.

The clinically proven formulation of the spray conditioner kills lice before they create an infestation. Just spray the lotion on and let it work, it’s that simple.
Use Hedrin Protect & Go regularly whenever the lice phenomenon is extensive, especially during social activities such as play, parties, nights out and when children return to school after holidays.

  • Suitable for children aged 6 months and above.
  • Mild and gentle composition that detangles, protects and softens hair.
  • Fruity scent of orange and mango that leaves the hair feeling fresh.
  • Quick, just spray and let it work.
  • Effective, clinically proven protection when the lice threat makes its appearance.

Hedrin Lotion Original

Children’s Anti-Inflammatory Lotion


Very high molecular weight dimethicone

(100 000 Cst) which covers lice, nits and eggs preventing water loss and causing their death


– for 1 hour and repeat 7 days later


– superior effectiveness than 0.5% Malathion solution

– equivalent effectiveness with Phenothrin 0.5% solution


Absolutely safe, no chemical pesticides

– ideal for sensitive skin, allergies, asthma, eczema, pregnancy and breastfeeding

– from 6 months

No hairdo or comb

Packaging: 100ml