Intermed Eva Lactic Gel Atrial Regulator pH 3.8 with Lactic Acid & Glycogen 9 tubes 5gr
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Intermed Eva Lactic Gel Atrial Regulator pH 3.8 with Lactic Acid & Glycogen 9 tubes 5gr

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Restoration and maintenance of vaginal pH

Eva Lactic gel is designed for the immediate restoration and maintenance of normal vaginal acidity while relieving the symptoms of itching, burning and irritation usually due to vaginal pH disturbance, especially in cases of vaginitis, after medication. end of the period etc. At the same time contributes to the creation of the appropriate microenvironment for the survival and conservation of beneficial lactobacilli


• Taking antibiotics of any etiology

• Vaginitis of any etiology

• Taking antifungal, contraceptive, chemotherapeutic or radiotherapy application

• After the end of menstruation

With lactic acid, glycogen & chamomile and aloe extracts

No hormones or drugs

pH 3.8

BT x 9 gel-filled disposable vaginal applicators


Instructions for use

Therapeutic to regulate atrial pH when vaginal balance is disturbed: one application daily for 7 days, preferably before bedtime

Preventive measures to maintain vaginal health: one application per week & one application per day for 3 days after the end of the period


Fungal vaginitis-Candidiasis

 Summer has arrived, but with the heat and frequent visits to the sea and swimming pools, the fungal vaginitis that afflicts most women, most commonly during the summer, with the appearance of characteristic thick white discharge that accompanies from itching, burning & irritation.

According to C.D.C. (Center for Disease Control) of the USA, up to 90% of all women will have fungal vaginitis at least once in their life, while 40-50% have two or more episodes, 15-25% recurrent infection as well as a fairly large number show asymptomatic vaginitis (up to 25%).

Fungal vaginitis is mainly due to the overgrowth of a species of fungus, Candida albicans, which is normally present in the vagina and coexists harmoniously with the other microorganisms (mainly lactobacilli) present, thus constituting the normal vaginal flora, protective line of defense to maintain vaginal health.

The change in the population of lactobacilli results in the change of pH (the acidity of the vagina) to less acidic or even alkaline values, the reduction of the production of hydrogen peroxide which acts as an inhibitor of the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and the creation of conditions suitable for proliferation of anaerobic microorganisms and Candida species.

Many factors can reduce the lactobacilli population and upset the delicate balance between the microorganisms of the vaginal flora leading to overgrowth of fungi.

The main ones are the high temperatures and humidity that are observed especially during the summer months due to the regular visits to the sea and the pools, the stay with wet swimsuits, the tight synthetic underwear & jeans, the intense sexual activity, the taking of antibiotics, the use of contraceptives etc. even daily stress.

It is good practice to maintain lactobacilli in adequate populations by using probiotic products that directly restore these beneficial microorganisms and reduce the likelihood of creating an environment conducive to the growth of fungi.

This information is intended for general information and to inform the public and in no way can replace the advice of a doctor or other competent health professional.