KORRES Black Pine Lifting, Firming & Brightening Foundation BPF3 30ml
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KORRES Black Pine Lifting, Firming & Brightening Foundation BPF3 30ml

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Korres Black Pine Make Up Straightening Tightening & Shine Shade BPF3 30ml

 Korres Black Pine Make Up

Innovative liquid make-up, based on the beneficial properties of Black Pine, offers firmness, straightening and radiance, while adapting perfectly to the skin for a flawless long-lasting result. Its light composition with moisturizing coating microspheres smoothes fine lines, wrinkles, pores and imperfections, giving a radiant and youthful look. Enriched with Black Pine extract, Argan oil and Grape extract, it offers hydration and improves the texture and elasticity of the skin.


Black Pine Extract and Black Pine Polyphenols (Epigallocatechin) / Protects and strengthens the connective tissue of the skin, enhancing its firmness and durability. Prevents deep wrinkles and sagging. It has excellent action against free radicals.

Moroccan Argan Oil / Rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (including linoleic acid and Ω-6) and natural tocopherols, soothes and nourishes dry skin, restoring its natural barrier & protecting against free radicals

Green Tea Glycosides / With extremely strong action against free radicals, fights wrinkles, inhibiting the action of the enzyme collagennase.

· Grape Extract / Offers anti-aging action in 3 levels:

1. improves the detoxification process of cells

2. contributes to the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, improving the hydration and tightening of the skin

3. enhances the production of collagen and elastin, improving the condition of the extracellular membrane

In the context of a clinical study, after 8 hours of application:

• 100% of women noticed that it does not break in the lines

• 97% of women confirmed a lasting result

• 94% of women found a uniform skin tone and a relaxed, radiant complexion

• 88% of women noticed firmer and younger looking skin


The award-winning, best-selling anti-aging collection Black Pine extends to makeup – two new advanced products with strong action and unique properties for a perfect result in shine and anti-aging. With the promise of tightening, straightening and radiance, the new Black Pine Foundation and Concealer give mature skin a flawless, naturally radiant result, as they reverse the signs of aging. A make-up line that combines the targeted antioxidant action of the tree polyphenols with advanced technology for the most natural, glowing finish – a distinctive film that remains unchanged, without breaking, for at least 8 hours.


The most effective mature skin care solution from KORRES for proven tightening and lifting action becomes the starting point for the new luxury makeup line Black Pine. Research by KORRES Laboratory proved that Black Pine extract, rich in polyphenols, protects and strengthens the connective tissue of the skin, enhancing its firmness and durability. Prevents deep wrinkles and sagging, while showing excellent action against free radicals.


Through scientific research and the latest technological advances, the advanced Black Pine makeup line covers the needs of mature skin – tightening, straightening, anti-wrinkle action, radiance and flawless coverage of exceptional duration. The composition of the Foundation gives a silky finish and a uniform look – moisturizing color microspheres perfectly adapt to the color of the skin, while creating a stable film that is extremely subtle and light. The skin does not suffocate, it remains soft, avoiding dryness. In the case of Concealer with an extremely creamy texture, the development process focused on the innovative light-diffusing pearls technology, so that the skin looks instantly smooth, naturally radiant, bright and youthful, while ensuring long-lasting coverage.