La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Eye Make-up Remover Remover Ampoules 30x5ml

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Face and eye make-up remover




Toleriane ULTRA face and eye make-up remover, cleans and removes makeup gently and safely.


The composition of Toleriane ULTRA face and eye make-up remover with Sodium Hyaluronic acid, traditionally used in eye surgeries, instantly removes makeup.

Soothes and restores the comfort of the skin.

While the sterile monodoses ensure its highly minimalist composition with 0% preservatives, paraben, perfume, alcohol, dyes, lanolin.

*ethyl alcohol


Toleriane ULTRA face and eye make-up remover is suitable for sensitive, very sensitive, even allergic skin, sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

The skin is clearer, more soothed and hydrated.


Soak a make-up remover and apply it all over the face and eyelids as a compress. Wipe gently without rubbing.

Use a different face and eye disc. Do not use the same disc on both eyes.

Not suitable for waterproof make-up remover.

Toleriane ULTRA face and eye make-up remover includes sterile 30 * 5 ml units.

Safe and practical packaging. Easy to transport.