Mediplants Laurel Oil, Hair Tonic Oil 100ml
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Mediplants Laurel Oil, Hair Tonic Oil 100ml

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Laurel oil Mediplants 100ml

Moisturizes, strengthens and gives shine. It is really not a coincidence that they recommend it to people with hair loss and as unlikely as it sounds to you, it is the perfect solution for rich lashes.

If you put a little laurel oil on the lashes but also in the eye area, you will see how much it will help them to lengthen and strengthen. At the same time, laurel oil will nourish your eye area. Put the oil in the evening and rinse in the morning, you can do this procedure 2-3 times a week.

When it comes to hair you should first know that if you have oily hair then this issue does not concern you.

If you want shine, to strengthen and lengthen your hair then in dry hair you put laurel oil on the ends, wrap your head with a towel and in the morning you will bathe well.

If you now have hair loss then do a good massage with laurel oil on your scalp to activate the hair follicles, wrap your hair with a towel for 45 minutes and bathe. This procedure should be done only once a week.

You should also know that laurel oil often darkens the hair