Myprotein CLA Fat dissolvers, 180 softgels

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Conjugated Linoleic Acid My Protein Cla 180Caps

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is an extremely popular supplement in the sports nutrition and healthcare industry. It is a natural omega-6 fatty acid, which plays a fundamental role in daily health – and Myprotein capsules provide 1600mg per serving. CLA cannot be produced by the body and must therefore be consumed through your diet, making it a supplement. our ideal for you.

What are the Benefits of CLA?

CLA is mainly found in dairy products and meat sources such as milk, cheese and beef, and getting enough of it in your diet can be very expensive, not to mention time consuming shopping trips, preparation and cooking meals. In addition, eating too much food to make sure you get enough CLA is something that can lead to the addition of unwanted and unnecessary calories to your daily diet. Our soft capsules provide a quick and convenient source of CLA oil for your diet, allowing integrate it into your daily routine and make better progress from your program. to muscles. Researchers have found that CLA has two main sites of action: adipocytes, the body’s main source of fat storage, and skeletal muscle cells, the site of fat burning for energy.

Why should I take it?

  •  reduces the amount of fat stored after eating
  •  increases the rate at which fat is broken down in adipocytes
  •  increases the rate at which fat is burned

The way CLA works promotes the reduction of body fat and therefore can improve its composition. Equally important is that it helps maintain muscle mass resulting in a better balance between adipose and muscle tissue in the body. Because muscle weighs more than fat, people taking CLA supplementation are more likely to see an improvement in their body structure than a dramatic reduction in body weight.