Nuk Easy Learning Educational Spoon Set – Mini Fork, 8m + (10.255.047)
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Nuk Easy Learning Educational Spoon Set – Mini Fork, 8m + (10.255.047)

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EASY LEARNING Educational set of spoon – Mini fork


Learning step by step to eat alone

You did not have time to enter the weaning stage and your baby is already beginning to have demands: he wants to sit at the table and eat like the adults. The NUK EASY LEARNING Mini spoon-fork training set is the best way to get started.


small size, specially designed for children’s mouth

Ergonomically designed embossed non-slip handles that ensure a firm grip and in addition sharpen the sense of touch

with rounded tips and fork tips for extra safety

made of high quality plastic, suitable for the dishwasher

is ideally combined with the dishes of the EASY LEARNING series of NUK

for children from 8 months and up

All products of the NUK EASY LEARNING series are designed to complement each other, contributing in their own way to your child’s development.