NUK First Choice Plus Silicone Nipple Flow Control 6-18m, 1 Piece [10.721.000]
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NUK First Choice Plus Silicone Nipple Flow Control 6-18m, 1 Piece [10.721.000]

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Nuk First Choice + Silicone nipple with flow control, suitable for the jaw, with protection against leaks, 6-18m +, without BPA.

Helps babies make the transition to drink independently.


Helps babies make the transition to drink autonomously: The Nuk First Choice Plus silicone nipple with flow control allows your baby to instinctively regulate the flow of food

Natural and fit for the jaw: The extremely soft silicone nipple is like the breast during breastfeeding

Anti-colic * – Nuk anti-colic air escape system ensures natural fluid flow

Clinically tested **: for the best possible combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding

For every type of feeding, compatible with all Nuk First Choice accessories

The separate Nuk First Choice + nipple with flow control allows babies to control the flow themselves as they drink. Whether they want to drink slowly or quickly, or the food you give them is thin or thick. Just like every baby likes.

In addition, the nipple also provides protection against leaks. And this thanks to the innovative Y-shaped hole in the nipple, which opens only with the mammalian movement and grows depending on how strong your baby makes it. Together with Nuk’s anti-colic air escape system, it ensures controlled flow.


It is modeled on the breast during breastfeeding. This gives the tongue and jaw enough space and the babies the feeling they love.

Physical sensation

With its soft belt, the tip of the silicone nipple fits into the baby’s mouth in the best position relative to the palate – for a natural feel as he drinks.

Against colic *

Nuk’s Anti-colic air escape system ensures natural flow that helps your baby drink without swallowing air. For happy bellies. *

Clinically tested **

Thanks to its very natural shape, babies accept the Nuk nipple extremely well. This means that it is especially suitable for babies who drink from a bottle and breastfeed.

* Independent market research on 205 mothers, Germany 2018

99% of mothers confirmed that the NUK First Choice + Control baby bottle does not cause colic.