NUK Kiddy Cup Baby Cup PINK with clip 12+ Months 300ml (10.527.311)
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NUK Kiddy Cup Baby Cup PINK with clip 12+ Months 300ml (10.527.311)

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NUK – Kiddy Cup Ice bucket with nozzle 12m + (10,527,311) (300 ml)

NUK Kiddy Cup, muzzle made of durable synthetic material, 300ml, protects against leaks, from 12 months, BPA-free

Once the kids pull out their first teeth, they love to use them!

For this very reason, the NUK Kiddy Cup water bottle has a muzzle made of durable synthetic material (polypropylene). The muzzle withstands the pressures exerted by the child’s teeth and has a long life. With a capacity of 300 ml, the NUK Kiddy Cup can quench the thirst of even the most thirsty children. The bottle is thinner in the middle, so that children can hold it and hold it more easily with their hands. Thanks to the transparent material, mom or dad can see at any time how much the child has drunk and if it is full enough. The easy-to-use leak-proof valve is easily detached from the top of the hermit crab, making it very easy to clean thoroughly. The flexible connection of the valve to the top of the hermit crab ensures that the valve is not to be lost. The hermit crab and its accessories are also dishwasher safe.

The Kiddy Cup is compatible with all NUK First Choice products. It can be used without any problems with all the other mouths of the First Choice series; thus the possibilities of the hermit crab “grow” with your child. NUK Kiddy Cup – and drinking fluids is 100% fun. For children from 12 months.