Nuk Multifunctional Teething Ring 3+ months (10.752.044)

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Nuk Multifunctional Chewing Ring 3m +

NUK Twist-and-Play Teeth Ring – for painless growth during teething.


With rotating parts and different texture, for babies three months and older. Free of bisphenol A (BPA), made in Germany

With the onset of teething, infants often enter the phase where they have to deal with unpleasant accompanying discomforts. The ring can relieve pressure on the jaws and gum pain as it massages sensitive gums and stimulates saliva flow. Especially when its design and different functions motivate the baby to play, just like the NUK Twist-and-Play teething ring does!

Great help for small teeth.

The NUK Twist-and-Play Teething Ring helps your baby to alleviate the unpleasant pressure on the jaws during teething. When chewing, the ring massages the palate and gums, thanks to its different texture with soft edges, streaks and rounded surfaces, while stimulating the flow of saliva, which helps prevent tooth decay.

Two parts of the ring rotate 360 ​​degrees so that the child can reach the problematic parts of the mouth without any help at all. Depending on the stage of teething, the ring can reach the areas of the incisors, canines and molars. As children come into contact with the texture, movement and shapes of the NUK Twist-and-Play Tooth Ring, they develop both their touch and motor skills.

The teething ring in white with petrol color and its modern design, can be easily cleaned if placed in boiling water or in a sterilizer.

Packaging: 1 piece