Nuk Nature Sense Medium Silicone Nipple 0-6m 2pcs (10.709.285)
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Nuk Nature Sense Medium Silicone Nipple 0-6m 2pcs (10.709.285)

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The multiple tiny holes, which are designed with a model of the breast, give an ideal, smooth and natural flow

Wide, flexible nipple base with extremely soft nipple tip, similar to the mother’s nipple

The innovative anti-colic vent system helps prevent air ingestion

For children aged 0-6 months, S (3 tiny holes for breast milk, tea, water), M (6 tiny holes for milk formula)

For children aged 6-18 months, S (3 tiny holes for breast milk, tea, water), M (6 tiny holes for milk formula), L (9 tiny holes for thicker liquids)

Compatible with all NUK Nature Sense Bottles, does not contain bisphenol A (BPA)

NUK Nature Sense Nipple, Silicone Nipple similar to the mother’s nipple, does not contain bisphenol A (BPA), 2 per pack

NUK Nature Sense Female

Especially in the first months of life, we pay special attention to our baby. Feeding is an important element in his life, and especially the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding can be a small challenge for moms. To support you in this sensitive phase, we were inspired by nature and created a nipple that resembles the breast more than any other: the NUK Nature Sense Nipple! This innovation, which has multiple tiny holes instead of a single hole, ensures a smooth and natural flow for your baby. This way your baby feels completely safe and can therefore accept the bottle more easily.

Inspired by nature: this is what makes this nipple so special

Whether you want to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding or stop breastfeeding, many babies find it difficult to get used to the bottle. This is where the NUK Nature Sense nipple comes in, with a plethora of tiny holes that, like the mammary glands, ensure smooth and natural flow. In addition, the nipple has a very wide and flexible base that allows your baby to grip the nipple naturally. The innovative anti-colic air escape hole makes it possible to feed without pause and prevents air ingestion. At the same time, we followed the example of nature by creating a nipple with a particularly soft tip, which is very flexible and fits in the mouth like the mother nipple.

This nipple offers joy when feeding, both to your baby and to you. In fact, the whole family benefits from the creation of this product combined with the feeling of naturalness. The intimacy that a mother feels when breastfeeding her baby is no longer exclusive – with the NUK Nature Sense Nipple, fathers, siblings, grandparents and friends can share this feeling by feeding the baby with a bottle, while the mother can to relax and rest for a while.

The ideal combination: Nipple and Baby Sense Baby Bottle

The nipple, recommended by mothers, midwives and pediatricians, is available with three different hole numbers (S, M and L) – suitable for breast milk up to thicker fluids. As your baby gets older, you only need to change the nipple size from the variety we have. Nipple sizes for babies from 0-6 months and 6-18 months can be changed simply and easily. The combination of the NUK Nature Sense nipple and the corresponding NUK Nature Sense baby bottle is an unbeatable duo. With the help of Mother Nature and our inspiration, bottle feeding becomes simpler than ever. Take a step forward and convince yourself!