NUK Signature Night Silicone Pacifier 6-18m suitable for jaw glowing in the dark, with case, Blue Stars, 1 piece (10.736.695)
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NUK Signature Night Silicone Pacifier 6-18m suitable for jaw glowing in the dark, with case, Blue Stars, 1 piece (10.736.695)

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Silicone Pacifier NUK Signature Night, suitable for the jaw, 0-6 / 6-18 / 18-36 months, 1 piece, various designs

NUK Signature Night: NUK pacifiers that glow in the dark

NUK Signature Night pacifiers drive sweet babies to Oneirochora. Thanks to their baby-safe phosphorescent material, pacifiers emit a soft glow in the dark so they can be detected quickly and easily at night.

NUK Signature pacifier: Model by nature. Designed with love.

Look at this little face! It has the unique expression that babies have when they satisfy their innate desire for mammalian movement. NUK Signature pacifiers still meet this natural need with the completely natural NUK shape. The innovative.

It is modeled on the breast during breastfeeding and thus supports healthy oral growth. Because it has been proven: natural mammalian movement not only ensures food intake, but also helps to develop important skills, such as the right way of swallowing, chewing and also, later, speaking.

The NUK Signature pacifier is so flat, thin and narrow that it fits perfectly in small mouths and leaves enough space on the tongue for natural mammalian movements. 100% of orthodontists recognize that this is the right shape and confirm that NUK pacifiers do not cause crooked teeth or poor jaw convergence. *

But now, or always popular NUK pacifier has a wonderful new look: the curved shape of the famous heart shield becomes softer and the cute ring is renewed in an even more elegant version.

* Independent market research: 50 orthodontists, 50 pediatricians, 50 midwives, Germany 2017.

For the sake of sustainability: NUK pacifier with reusable packaging

Sustainability is a priority for us. We would like to give parents the opportunity to reuse our packaging instead of throwing it away. That’s why every NUK pacifier is available in a reusable sturdy case that keeps the pacifier clean and protects it: especially when you are away from home, it is the ideal solution so that your baby’s favorite companion does not get dirty or wet. In addition, it is suitable for sterilization in the microwave.