NUK Soother Band Sucker Ribbon (10.751.369)
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NUK Soother Band Sucker Ribbon (10.751.369)

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NUK Duo pacifier ribbon, for all NUK pacifiers with or without ring, clip system for one-handed use.

Practical clip system that can be used with one hand

Secure fastening with dual function

For all NUK pacifiers with or without ring

No sharp corners or edges

Extremely durable fabric ribbon

Surely you know how much your baby loves his pacifier and wants to always have it with him. Pacifier chains and ribbons are the ideal solution in order to keep the pacifier in the right place and not to fall to the ground or get lost. All NUK pacifiers can be securely attached to the Duo pacifier ribbon, whether they have a ring or not. The practical one-handed clip system makes it easy to attach to baby clothes.

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