Nuk Sports Cup Gray Dogs 36m + Ice Cream with Lid Push Pull in Gray Color, 450ml (10.255.412)
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Nuk Sports Cup Gray Dogs 36m + Ice Cream with Lid Push Pull in Gray Color, 450ml (10.255.412)

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Nuk First Choice Sports Cup 36m + Ice Cream with Push-Pull Gray Lid 450ml

As children grow older, so does their thirst for life! By playing they discover the world and their abilities. At the same time, the amount of fluid they need to consume per day is increasing, so it is increasingly important to always have something to drink with them. The NUK Sports Cup urchin quenches the thirst of even the oldest children!

The NUK Sports Cup has a capacity of 450 ml and with its modern designs is the ideal companion in play and sports. With the practical push-pull lid, the hermit crab opens and closes easily. The lid is made of transparent silicone, has a long life and ensures hygienic cleanliness, as it is easy to wash in the dishwasher. Thanks to the built-in clip, you can attach it to a backpack. So it does not bind the hands of your child who can play and run freely!

The water bottle is made of durable polypropylene that does not contain bisphenol A and is compatible with all other products in the First Choice series of NUK. Complements NUK’s proven First Choice range, quenching even the greatest thirst of active children.

NUK Ice Cup Sports Cup: A water bottle that can guaranteed to quench the thirst of older children for action!

Capacity 450 ml – the ideal companion for play and sports

Silicone push-pull cap for easy opening and closing

With transparent protective cover and built-in clip

Age-appropriate design

Made of durable polypropylene

36 m +