Nuk Trendline Adore Silicone Dip Blue 18-36m 2pcs

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Nuk Trendline Adore silicone pacifier with design for girl, for babies 0-6m 2pcs

Improved original NUK shape that mimics a woman’s breasts while breastfeeding and fits into your baby’s mouth

Thinner and narrower nipple neck, which reduces pressure on the jaw and teeth

Flat nipple and soft underside – give a pleasant mouthfeel and plenty of space for natural mammalian movements

Free of bisphenol A (BPA)

With durable, reusable carrying case

The special feature of this pacifier is that it is very thin and narrow, in order to reduce the pressure on the teeth and the jaw. The flat nipple and the soft bottom, give a pleasant feeling in the mouth and provide a lot of space on the tongue for the natural movements of breastfeeding.

NUK pacifiers fit amazingly well into a baby’s palate, which is why your baby can accept them quickly. This way we take care of both the relaxation of your baby and yours.

The new NUK pacifiers soothe your baby like no other

The overall healthy development of your baby is our main concern. That’s why we want every NUK baby to have as natural and orthodontically shaped a pacifier as possible.

The continuous scientific development of the original NUK shape, which is adapted to the jaw, makes the new NUK pacifier better than ever and suitable even for breastfed babies. Breastfeeding mothers have confirmed that the NUK pacifier does not affect breastfeeding. In this way NUK takes care of the calm and rest of the new moms.

In addition, NUK pacifiers do not cause distortion of the teeth or closure of the jaw. This is taken care of by the narrow, flat and thin nipple, which minimizes the pressure on the small teeth and the jaw and leaves enough space on the tongue for the natural movements of breastfeeding. Another reason why the new NUK pacifier is recognized and recommended by midwives, pediatricians and orthodontists.

NUK Trendline Adore silicone pacifier is the perfect little help for your baby to sleep

The NUK Trendline Night & Day pacifier does not only provide pleasure during the day – it also helps our little ones fall asleep easily and thanks to the harmless shiny material on the pacifier button, the cute designs glow gently in the dark.

The anatomically designed shield of the pacifier with the flat button helps to leave no marks on the baby’s face when he sleeps face down or on the side. The transparent silicone material is easy to clean and withstands high temperatures. It does not contain harmful substances, it is resistant to boiling, it is odorless, transparent and has a smooth surface.

All NUK pacifiers have the NUK Air System.

Through a valve, air escapes from the nipple, leaving the pacifier soft and supple and relieving the jaw.