Nuk Ultra Dry Comfort Chest Pads 30 pcs (10.252.123)
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Nuk Ultra Dry Comfort Chest Pads 30 pcs (10.252.123)

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Extremely absorbent: with moisture retention core

Gentle and friendly to the skin

They have a perfect fit

Stability: with NUK adhesive tapes

For absolute hygiene: in individual packages

Pack of 30 pieces

Most breastfeeding mothers consider breast pads necessary. NUK offers you a highly effective solution for every need and every occasion.

NUK Ultra Dry Comfort pads are specially designed to meet the highest demands. The multiple lining that retains moisture for a long time makes the pads extremely absorbent. The ventilated outer layer allows air circulation thus reducing irritation and making the patches particularly friendly to the skin. The pads with their extremely wide surface perfectly embrace the chest without being visible from the clothes. The extremely soft lining does not stick to the chest and is very soft on the skin. The adhesive tapes hold the pads firmly in place.

For absolute hygiene, the pads are available in individual packages. This is especially practical for commuting. In an outer package of 60 pieces, with easy opening and closing.

NUK Ultra Dry Comfort chest pads – for maximum safety and comfort