Olimp Sport Nutrition Carbo Nox 1000gr Pouch Lemon Lime

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With Carbonox ™ during the most important moments … YOU WILL NOT LOSE ENERGY! Carbonox ™ – unique composition based on the most efficient sources of carbohydrates.

 Carbonox ™ is based on carefully combined sources of carbohydrates, which are selected according to precisely defined profiles of the rate of digestion and release of monosaccharide into the bloodstream. The proportions of carbohydrate sources are selected by a “laboratory”: high glycemic content (glucose), medium (maltodextrins) and low (innovative isomaltulose with extended release period) to ensure stable saturation of blood with energy components for a period of 2 hours from the moment of consumption of the preparation. The universal application – designed keeping in mind the needs of the most demanding users: before, after and during exhausting training. The universality of its composition, makes Carbonox ™ a product that can The idea of ​​using a complete carbohydrate formula in Carbonox ™ is to quickly provide easily absorbed energy components when the body is in a state of fitness. to maximize the utilization of For the first time the high yield of nutritious carbohydrates is powered by the power of L-arginine and a complex of 12 vitamins.


Carbonox. Is also enriched with L-arginine, whose highly effective action increases the production of nitrous oxide. The addition of L-arginine makes Carbonox ™ even more effective.

Who is this product for?

Carbonox κυρίως is mainly recommended for all people involved in sports (both amateur and professional) and can be used successfully in most sports. Carbonox ειδικά is especially recommended for people who do intense physical exercise. Anyone who needs a quick and most effective energy supplement for exercise will find an ally in Carbonox ™.