Philips Avent Bendy Straw Cup Pink Cup with Straw Pink 12m + 300ml (SCF798/02)

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The round-shaped Philips Avent straw cup is the ideal choice for active toddlers in the developmental phase and allows for healthy oral development. * Designed in collaboration with experts to be our best straw cup. *

Contributes to healthy oral growth *

Valve specially designed to prevent leaks

    Cup with Bendy straw

    300ml / 10oz

    12 months +

    1 pc.

The bottom of the straw is bent for easy use until the last sip.

The bottom of the straw is bent, so that the straw easily reaches the liquid, so that your child can drink in a natural position.

Built-in valve and hinged lid for leak protection.

The straw has a built-in valve with leakage protection. The hinged lid protects the straw and prevents leaks on the go.

Few accessories – easy to assemble and clean (machine washable).

The Philips Avent cup with Bendy straw can be easily assembled and disassembled. All components are washed safely in the dishwasher, for greater convenience.

Compatibility with Philips Avent baby bottles and cups.

The Philips Avent Bendy straw cup is compatible with both the Philips Avent Natural and Classic + baby bottles (excluding glass baby bottles), as well as the entire range of cups (excluding the baby cup). Our complete range is designed to support your child and you in every step of the way to children’s independence.

Healthy oral development.

The Bendy straw cup from Philips Avent allows for healthy oral growth and exercises the muscles in the mouth, enhancing the oral strength. * Developed in collaboration with experts, to design our best straw cup. *

    Philips Avent cups follow your child’s development

    Learning a baby to drink on its own is a key step in its development. We support children’s independence, helping you facilitate the transition from breastfeeding or bottle to cup. With the help and knowledge of health professionals, our different solutions with nipples, soft and hard mouths, straws and lip for how much from each point follow your child’s development and stimulate his new drinking skills. Our top quality solutions were developed based on comfort and hygiene.

    Rounded shape and non-slip texture for easy grip.

    The 10 oz cup is the ideal size for your child to stay hydrated throughout the day and in very intense activities. The hinged lid keeps the straw clean when you are not at home. The rounded shape and non-slip texture of the cup make it easy to hold by small children’s hands, so that your little ones can confidently develop independent skills.