Power Health Classics Power Of Nature PROMO PACK Classic Platinum Range Cool Day 30Tabs & ΔΩΡΟ B-Complex 20Tabs

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Power Health Platinum Range Cool Day & Gift B-Complex

Platinum Range Cool Day

Cool Day is a composition that is a natural aid for stress, nerves and fatigue. The modern way of life leads to the creation of daily stress, while at the same time mental and physical alertness is required. The rich combination of natural ingredients offers relief from stress without affecting bodily functions.

While B-complex vitamins contribute to the normal mental function of the nervous system. Calcium and magnesium help reduce nervousness and stress. The natural composition of Cool Day is a rich composition of natural anxiolytic ingredients that do not cause addiction or drowsiness and can be used during the day.

Packaging: 30 tablets

& Gift Vit B-Complex Packaging: 20 tablets