Power Health FLERIANA ROLL-ON 100ml + Gift FLERIANA Natural Insect Repellent Tiles for mosquitoes & gnats 10pcs
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Power Health FLERIANA ROLL-ON 100ml + Gift FLERIANA Natural Insect Repellent Tiles for mosquitoes & gnats 10pcs

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Fleriana is a unique 100% natural mosquito repellent made from special flower extracts and lemon eucalyptus with a strong mosquito repellent effect that repels mosquitoes and protects 100% from any of their attacks. It does not cause irritation, does not burden the environment, is a biodegradable product, metabolised by the body itself. It is completely skin-friendly, also ideal for small children. It is available in spray and roll-on and is the only natural mosquito repellent approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. Available in two spray & roll on packages of 100 ml Active ingredients: Menthoglycol (extract from the flowers of eucalyptus citiodora) Instructions for proper use and precautions: Shake before spraying/applying the product to the parts of the body that are exposed and more easy to come in contact with mosquitoes. After spraying, spread the emulsion evenly over the entire surface you want to protect. Application to children is recommended to be done by adults only. Use the product on dry and clean skin. Avoid use on irritated or damaged skin. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and face. Pregnancy / Breastfeeding: Do not take any preparation during pregnancy and breast-feeding, unless recommended by your doctor. Stored : Store the product in a dry, cool place, away from food and cooking utensils and out of the reach of children. Precautions : Avoid ingestion.

Power Health Fleriana Insect Repellent Tablets

Fleriana indoor insect repellents with the power of nature Get mosquitoes and gnats out of… space and place in the most natural and effective way. Fleriana indoor insect repellents give you the solution with the power of nature. They contain Geraniol, the main active ingredient that repels annoying insects from your home. Their 100% natural composition is a Greek innovation and is approved by the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food. They protect you for 8 hours creating a protection shield for your space and guarantee you beautiful summer nights without stings. You will find them in liquid form and tiles. They are suitable for all electrical devices! Does not contain citronella