Tonimer Lab Promo Soft Spray Isotonic Solution 125ml & Gift Panthexyl Spray 30ml

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Tonimer Set Tonimer Soft Spray Isotonic Solution Isotonic Sterile Nasal Solution 125ml + Tonimer Lab Panthexyl Spray 30ml

Tonimer Soft

Isotonic sterile seawater solution for the care and hydration of the nasal cavity. Its gentle spray makes it suitable for daily use in children and adults.

Tonimer Panthexyl

Tonimer Panthexyl Hypertonic Solution Spray is a sterile hypertonic saline solution with seawater to remove and liquefy mucus in the nasal cavities.

It is suitable for adults and children, in cases of colds, rhinosinusitis, to prevent otitis due to accumulation of mucus in the ears, after surgery in the nasal cavity.