Vican Cer’8 Zanzara Clip Panda Insect repellent Protection 1pc
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Vican Cer’8 Zanzara Clip Panda Insect repellent Protection 1pc

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Available from 4 to 10 days

Vican Zanzara Insect repellent Clip 1pc


The Zanzara clip insect repellent protects against mosquitoes, mosquitoes (including the “Asian tiger mosquito”) and is impregnated with the active ingredient of plant origin Eucalyptus Citriodora oil, Hydrated, Cyclized. It is easy to use and suitable for walks, camping, travel and any kind of excursion.

Ideal for the whole family.

Duration 15 days.

It comes in 4 wonderful designs – animals.


Open the package by tearing the bag. Place the clip on clothes, stroller, swing or other places and objects in the space. In case you do not use the clip, put it back in the package to extend its life. To change a spare part, pull the top and bottom of the clip at the same time to release the silicone disc. Make sure that the place where the clip will be placed is not accessible by small children.

Expiration date: 3 years after the date of production.

Approved by the Ministry. Rural Development & Food.

Approved number: ΤΠ19-0305 / 29.05.2019

Guaranteed Composition: Eucalyptus citriodora oil, hydrated, cyclized 30.9% w / w. Excipients (Peppermint oil, Citronellol, Citronellal, Eucalyptol) 69.1% w / w.

Made in P.R.C.

Package 1pc.