Zarbis Camoil Eucalyptus Cream for Colds, 50ml
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Zarbis Camoil Eucalyptus Cream for Colds, 50ml

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Zarbis Camoil Johnz Herbal Eucalyptus Cream 50ml

The herbal Eucalyptus cream offersimmediate relief from the symptoms of a cold (stuffy nose, feeling of exhaustion, etc.).

Eucalyptus oil has a strong antiseptic and expectorant effect, while the natural Cinnamon & Mint it contains offer a feeling of relief, well-being & freshness!

82% natural ingredients

Suitable for children, without parabens and petroleum by-products!

Way of use

Apply to the sternum, neck, back under the nose, especially at night before going to bed. It does not stain clothes, with a single-dose pump so that it does not evaporate with each use.