Apivita Hair Loss Lotion, Anti Hair Loss Lotion with Hippophae TC & Lupine Proteins 150ml
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Apivita Hair Loss Lotion, Anti Hair Loss Lotion with Hippophae TC & Lupine Proteins 150ml

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Effective and holistic hair loss care: prevents, reduces & delays hair loss



4 actions are combined in one lotion for healthy, thicker and stronger hair. Prevents and limits hair loss, with Hippophae TC, lupine proteins and vitamin B3

Stimulates and invigorates, with 10 amino acids, wheat proteins, cinchona extracts, thyme, ginseng, wort

Regulates oiliness, with Greek nettle extract

Protects hair from breakage and shearing, with APISHIELD HS

With a specially selected combination of thyme, lemon, tea-tree, mint essential oils that have a regulatory effect and stimulate hair and mood




Clinical Research Results

For this particular product

  • 88% recognized that it fights hair loss
  • 94% felt their hair stronger
  • 96% admitted that it strengthens their hair
  • 94% recognized that it regulates oiliness
  • 80% would buy the specific product

Clinical study on a sample of 50 men and women

APIVITA’s advice

Hair loss is due to both endogenous factors, such as heredity and hormonal factors, and exogenous factors, such as poor nutrition, a strict diet, excessive friction in combing and brushing, some medication, anemia, stress, etc. In order to effectively treat hair loss, you need holistic care with an integrated care system. Tonic Shampoo for Women revitalizes the hair root, strengthens and nourishes dull hair, improves its appearance, cleanses the scalp and protects from the environment (sun, pollution).

Hair loss is a problem that requires constant and systematic treatment. The right diet combined with APIVITA anti-hair loss shampoo, lotion and oils can contribute to good hair health. Follow the treatment for at least 3 months and repeat the same treatment 2-3 times a year