Bepanthol Tattoo Gentle Wash Tattoo 200ml
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Bepanthol Tattoo Gentle Wash Tattoo 200ml

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Bepanthol Tattoo Gentle Wash Tattoo 200ml.


Gentle cleaning of your tattoo with its clinically proven composition Bepanthol Gentle Tattoo Wash with Argan Oil.

· Helps skin stay hydrated thanks to Argan Oil & other natural lipids while protecting the skin barrier

· With Provitamin B5 (Panthenol) which supports the skin’s natural regeneration process

· With Vitamin B3 that soothes the skin from itching

· Skin friendly pH (5.5) & Hypoallergenic*

Composition with ingredients of natural origin at least 90%.

No added alcohol, preservatives, dyes, fragrance, soap.

*High skin tolerance that minimizes the possibility of allergic reactions

Dermatologically tested on newly tattooed skin