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COMPEED® Medium Pads for Intense Blisters are neither classic nor ordinary pads. Their hydrocolloid technology acts like a second skin, creating a protective gel that instantly relieves pain and prevents friction, while also creating an environment suitable to accelerate the healing process.

COMPEED® Medium Blister Pads provide 20% more “cushion” and abrasion protection thanks to their honeycomb structure. COMPEED® Medium Blister Pads act like a second skin to:

To immediately relieve the pain caused by the blisters.
Provide +20% more “cushion” for your feet, compared to COMPEED® Medium Blister Pads.
To activate the rapid healing of wounds.
They stay put for hours. The duration may vary on a case-by-case basis. Instructions for use:

Apply to clean, dry skin, making sure the blister area is free of creams or oils.
Remove the top protective paper, avoiding touching the adhesive side.
Place the pad firmly over the blister and make sure the edges are firmly attached.
Leave it in place until it comes off on its own (note: it can stay in place for several days).
To remove the pad: Do not pull the pad perpendicularly away from the wound. Gently push the edges parallel to the skin. Frequent questions
Q: Is it better to let the blister dry?

A: No, letting the blister air dry exposes the wound to germs, water and air, allowing it to form a crust or scab. COMPEED® hydrocolloid technology maintains the skin’s natural moisture levels, creating an environment conducive to speeding up the healing process and preventing crusting or chafing.

Q: Is COMPEED® suitable for people with diabetes or circulation problems?

A: People who suffer from diabetes or have circulatory problems may experience problems with the wound healing process and/or reducing hypersensitivity pain. To avoid infections, diabetics should first consult their doctor before using Compeed®.

Q: My COMPEED® turned white when I installed it. Is normal?

A: Yes, if the pad turned white it is a sign that it is working properly. Don’t take it off, it works!

Q: When should I remove the pad?

A: Leave it until it starts to come off on its own. It stays in place for several days.