Durex Music Give Me Pleasure Ribbed Condoms 3pcs
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Durex Music Give Me Pleasure Ribbed Condoms 3pcs

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Designed With Women In Mind

The Durex Pleasure Max Condoms with ribs and dots have been designed considering the woman. Strategically placed ridges and dots near the base of the condom increase stimulation, enhancing the woman’s experience. They are 100% electronically checked with 5 additional quality checks conducted on each batch. They are also dermatologically tested. Large diameter (nominal width: 56mm).


Remember that no method of contraception offers 100% protection against pregnancy, HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases. It’s good to be informed, so read the enclosed information, especially if you use condoms for anal or oral sex.

Durex Pleasuremax Condoms with Embossed Dots & Stripes,


  • Designed with the woman in mind.
  • With stripes and dots to enhance stimulation.
  • Classic silicone lubricant.
  • Easy application Easy-on, vas deferens (nipple-shaped).
  • Large diameter Large (nominal width: 56mm).


  1. Before using each condom, check the expiration date on the condom package. If the condom package is visibly worn, throw it away and use a new one from an intact package.
  2. Put on the condom before the penis touches the other person. This helps prevent an unwanted pregnancy and reduces the chance of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.


  1. Open the wrapper from the serrated edge. Handle the condom carefully as it can be damaged by fingernails or sharp objects.
  2. With the roll on the outside, squeeze the tip and place the condom on the tip of the erect penis.
  3. Unfold it down to the base of the penis. Stop and check if you feel that the condom is slipping or putting too much pressure on the penis, because there is a chance that it might break. The condom should be removed soon after ejaculation. The condom must be held firmly at the base of the penis before removal.
  4. Throw the wrapper and the used condom in a waste basket. Don’t flush it down the toilet.

Durex Pleasuremax Condoms with Embossed Dots & Stripes


  1. This condom is made of natural rubber latex, which can cause an allergic reaction and even anaphylactic shock if the user is allergic to latex.
  2. Discontinue use if: you do not feel comfortable or feel any discomfort while using the condom.
  3. Use each condom only once. Reuse increases the risk of breakage or disease.
  4. If you use the condom first for oral sex, you should use a new condom for any other type of sex that follows.
  5. Use only lubricants recommended for use with condoms. Oil-based lubricants (petroleum, baby oil, paraffin vaginal additives) and some pharmaceutical products applied topically to the penis or vagina can destroy the condom.
  6. For anal intercourse use additional lubricant (do not use Durex Guarana) on the outside of the condom.

Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure if you are allergic to latex or if irritation or discomfort remains after use, or if you are using medicinal products applied topically to the penis or vagina. If a condom leaks or breaks during use use consult your doctor or pharmacist very immediately and within 72 hours.