Equilumen Forte Sandoz Nutritional Supplement with Symbiotics for adults 14 capsules

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Protect the intestinal floraand prevents diarhia and abdominal discomfort. Choose from the first day a modern symbiotic, with beneficial bacteria and fibers which maintain the balance of intestinal flora, contributing to overall health.

Equilumen Forte is a modern symbiotic product containing 2 specially selected live strains and of lyophilized lactic acid bacteria and BeneoSinergy, an inulin complex and oligofructose. The symbiotics are preparations where the probiotics and prebiotics are used in combination and have synergistic actions. Studies have shown that symbiotics promote the growth of bifidobacteria, thereby helping to balance the intestinal microflora, which can be altered by factors such as: change in diet, administration of antibiotics, infection by a pathogenic microorganism, aging. Restoring the balance of intestinal flora helps relieve constipation and/orand reducing diarrhea.

Equilumen Forte contains 2 specially selected strains of freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria (L. Acidophilus LA-5, B. animalis subsp. lactis BB-12), and BeneoSinergy, an inulin complex and little fructose, they settle and maintain balance and the functioning of the intestinal flora.

Ideal supplement for the fast and effective treatment of diarrhea symptoms and of bloating. It can also be administered together or and after antibiotic treatments as well and during periods of flu, colds and communicable diseases.

It lowers the ph of the intestine, thus preventing the growth of harmful bacteria, maintaining the balance of the normal intestinal flora.

Way of use

Adults 1-3 capsules a day depending on the severity of the symptoms. Children over 2 years 1-2 capsules a day. Children under 2 years 1-2 capsules a day dissolved in water.