Farcom Echo Hair Dye 8.88 Light Cocoa Blonde 60ml
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Farcom Echo Hair Dye 8.88 Light Cocoa Blonde 60ml

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Set of permanent vegetable hair dye by Farcom in a blonde shade, which allows a significant change of color in the hair, covering white hairs and giving duration. It contains herbal pigments and active extracts of herbs and plants that are friendly to the hair, achieving a permanent and stable color by dyeing the hair externally.

Extra tips for applying the paint:

Tip 1: Apply the dye to unwashed hair for at least 2 days to avoid any redness and sensitivity, as the scalp oils act protectively.

Tip 2: Start by painting a section on the inside and bottom of the head to check for any possible allergic reaction before applying the product.

  • Type: Permanent Paint
  • Shade: Blonde
  • Vegetable Dye