Frezyderm Holistic Arnica Cream Cream with Arnica 100ml
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Frezyderm Holistic Arnica Cream Cream with Arnica 100ml

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Without fragrance, color, Parabens / Silicon free / EO free
Compatibility with homeopathic treatment
1.5oC reduction in skin temperature*
13% increase in hydration*

*Active Ingredient- Technical Data

Face and body cream that relieves after injuries & muscle strain. Enriched with the unique active ingredient FD Symbiosis Complex, it protects the skin microbiome by strengthening both the epidermal barrier and the skin’s immune & detoxification mechanisms. At the top of its composition are three valuable active ingredients that are perfectly combined to offer maximum skin care: Arnica Montana and Sorbus Domestica that relieve after injuries & muscle strain and Phospholipids with their moisturizing and soothing properties and their reconstructive action. In addition, the cream has a valuable combination of herbal active ingredients:

– Picea Abies Extract (Norway Fir) & Magnolia Extract for rebalancing the skin microflora, antioxidant and anti-irritant action,
– Vegetable Oils of Coconut and Sugarcane from renewable natural sources, for strong skin protection.


Adults and children

Relief after injuries and intense exercise

Swollen, tired legs