Frezyderm HOMEOPATHY TOOTHPASTE Toothpaste – Homeopathy 75ml
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Frezyderm HOMEOPATHY TOOTHPASTE Toothpaste – Homeopathy 75ml

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It does not contain substances that oppose homeopathic treatment

Fluorine Free, Essential Oils, Saccharin, Mint, Menthol Derivatives

Gluten free

Toothpaste for people undergoing homeopathic treatment.

– Accelerates smooth enameling and assists in bleaching

– Fights caries

– Treats dry mouth

– Protects the gums

Adults & Children over 6 years

Those who follow Homeopathic treatment

Brush 2-3 times daily. Combines perfectly with HOMEOPATHY MOUTHWASH.

Calcium Hydroxyapatite: A combination of Calcium and Phosphate ions that accelerates smooth enameling and aids in bleaching

Xylitol (8% w / w): Fluorine substitution Fighting caries

Natural amino acid (4% w / w): Treatment of dry mouth

Tannins from Seaweed: Tightening and protection of the gums

Rhodo.Ferr .: Natural extract that protects against gingivitis & periodontitis