FREZYLAC Bio Cereal Cereals with Milk & Fruit (Apple-Banana-Orange), 200 gr
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FREZYLAC Bio Cereal Cereals with Milk & Fruit (Apple-Banana-Orange), 200 gr

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Organic cream for babies after 6 months, with Bifidus probiotics, cereals, apple, banana and organic orange and 34% organic milk. Meets the increased needs for protein, iron and energy and has a soft texture and perfect solubility. Enriched with all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the healthy development of the baby.

    Organic Agriculture Product

    Contains gluten

    It does not contain preservatives, dyes, synthetics or improvers

    It is a complete meal

    It is prepared with water

Method of preparation:

    Boil fresh clean water for 5 minutes & let it become lukewarm (about 50 C).

    Measure and pour the required amount of boiled water into the baby’s dish.

    Add about 5 tablespoons of Farin Lacte Cereal Cream Powder with Milk.

    Mix well until it becomes a homogeneous mixture with a soft texture and feed with a clean spoon.

    Do not add milk, it is contained in the cream.


– Always prepare fresh cream before each meal.

– Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure everything

utensils used are clean.

– Always follow the dosage and preparation instructions.

– Do not store leftover cream for the next meal.

– Always feed the baby with the spoon.

– Immediately close the package tightly and store in

cool, dry and clean place.

– Do not empty the powder into other utensils to store it.

– Do not heat the cream in the microwave.