FREZYLAC SILVER 3 Cow’s Milk Powder from 12 months 400gr

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FREZYLAC SILVER 3 is a drink of powdered cow’s milk, suitable for feeding the baby after the 12th month and is the ideal food as a transition from breastfeeding or FREZYLAC SILVER 2. It can also replace any milk after infancy and childhood. It is produced from cow’s milk of excellent quality according to strict standards of agriculture and animal husbandry and is enriched with all the necessary ingredients that strengthen the baby’s body. Vitamins, Minerals, Prebiotics, Nucleotides, DHA / ARA, are the ideal combination for proper baby development while the extra iron content covers the new increases that the baby has at this stage of life.

– High quality cow’s milk

– Low levels of carbohydrates, saturated fats, sodium and potassium

– Ideal percentages in energy, proteins, vitamins and minerals

– GMO free (genetically modified agents)

– No flavorings, preservatives, dyes, artificial additives or gluten

– Enriched with extra iron

* Breast milk is the ideal food for babies. Exclusive breastfeeding during the first half of life is ideal for your baby. When breastfeeding is not possible or not enough, consult your pediatrician about including infant formula in your baby’s diet. Starting a bottle-feeding diet can have a negative effect on breastfeeding.