Hansaplast Disney Princess Stickers Kids Pads 20pcs
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Hansaplast Disney Princess Stickers Kids Pads 20pcs

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The adhesive pad for children HANSAPLAST JUNIOR PRINCESS “relieves” the child’s pain quickly, traveling him to magical worlds.

Such small misfortunes can quickly be forgotten.

Easy to remove and skin friendly

Safe colors for children

20 different designs.

Hansaplast pads for children have your child’s favorite characters on them and are suitable for all types of small wounds. They protect children’s wounds from dirt and bacteria while sealing the area around the wound.

The material is skin friendly and the colors are safe for children.

The non-stick gauze protects and cares for the wound.

Secure attachment ensures that the patch remains in place while its removal is painless.


Step 1

Clean the wound and wipe gently to remove any foreign matter, such as dirt or sand.

Step 2

Dry the skin around the cut or skin very carefully.

Step 3

Apply the patch without stretching it, avoiding creasing.

Use each patch only once.