Hansaplast Sensitive 3XL Sterile Pads 10x15cm, 25pcs
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Hansaplast Sensitive 3XL Sterile Pads 10x15cm, 25pcs

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Hansaplast Sensitive 3XL Sterile
For the protection of medium and large wounds. Appropriate, after minor surgeries.
Skin-friendly, no pain during removal
Large pads, non-stick to the wound, with antimicrobial silver
They reduce the risk of infection

Antimicrobial Pads Sensitive 3XL: Sterile pads with antimicrobial silver
Sensitive 3XL Antimicrobial Pads are sterile wound pads for the protection of medium and large daily wounds. They are suitable for use after minor surgeries. The breathable and skin-friendly material adheres firmly to the wound and does not cause pain during removal. The 3XL pad contains antimicrobial silver, offering the best possible healing conditions. Silver is recommended by experts for its broad-spectrum antimicrobial action, which reduces the risk of infection.
The pads are available in two different sizes, which cover the area around the wound and reduce the chance of infection:
Individual Pads 10x15cm With integrated Wound Gauze 5x10cm

STEP 1 : Wrap the secondary strip and secure it. Adjust until you achieve the desired level of support.
STEP 2 : Dry the skin around the cut or abrasion very carefully.
STEP 3 : Apply the pad without stretching it and avoid creasing it.

PACKAGING: 25 Individual Pads [10x15cm Με Ενσωματωμένης Γάζας Πληγής 5x10cm]