HANSAPLAST Wound Care Set with XXL Elastic Strips 5pcs & Wound Spray 100ml & Wound Healing Cream 50gr
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HANSAPLAST Wound Care Set with XXL Elastic Strips 5pcs & Wound Spray 100ml & Wound Healing Cream 50gr

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Hansaplast PROMO PACK XXL Wound Care, Spray Per Ferite For Cleaning Wounds 100ml, Flexible XXL Elastic 6x9cm 5pcs & Wound Healing Ointment Healing Cream 50gr


Practical wound care kit containing antiseptic wound cleaning spray, wound healing cream and dressings
Injuries are a part of everyday life, whether it’s a small cut on the finger or wounds that need stitches.
However, it is not always easy to know if what we are doing is the right thing to do when we are healing our own wounds or helping others. Fortunately, proper wound care doesn’t have to be complicated!
Most wounds can be treated easily at home, depending on the type, size and area of the wound. Good wound management involves 3 steps: Cleaning – Healing – Protection Cleaning

Cleaning the wound of dirt and bacteria is the necessary first step for optimal healing. To prevent contamination of the wound, spray Hansaplast Wound Cleansing Spray from a distance of about 10 cm. throughout the wound area. Repeat if necessary. Then, gently wipe the wound and the surrounding area.

Important: A small wound will soon stop bleeding. If bleeding continues, apply additional gauze, continue applying pressure, and seek medical attention.


Help your wound to heal easily, safely and with less risk of scarring by applying Hansaplast Wound Healing Cream at regular intervals. Hansaplast Wound Healing Cream prevents the wound from drying out by keeping it well hydrated and reducing the risk of it reopening. It can be used on small open wounds and at any stage of the healing process.


Finally, it is important to protect the wound from external factors such as dirt and bacteria and allow it to heal without hindrance. Cover your wound with the Hansaplast pad that best suits your needs. Change the pad or gauze daily unless otherwise advised by your doctor.