Hartmann Grassolind Sterile Pads with Ointment 10x10cm, 10pcs
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Hartmann Grassolind Sterile Pads with Ointment 10x10cm, 10pcs

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Hartmann Grassolind Ointment Mesh Pads 10x10cm, 10 pieces

Pads without active substances made of thin cotton knitted fabric. permeable to air and secretions, impregnated with a neutral ointment in large quantities so as not to be removed even in intense sweating. They are easily cut to the desired dimensions.

The ointment contains:

white petrolatum, ester of diglycerides, monocarboxylic and dicarboxylic fatty acids, synthetic wax.

For the general treatment of wounds, in particular to maintain the elasticity of the surface and edges of the wound, e.g. for extensive abrasions or cuts as well as burns or scalds from scalding water, in plastic and cosmetic surgery, in nail extraction, in gagging surgeries, etc. To cover the donor and recipient area in skin transplants and to hold partial-thickness skin grafts. They are also suitable for dermatology as well as for patients with sensitive skin or drug sensitivity.