HARTMANN MoliCare Premium Incontinence Diapers Super Plus Small (60-90 cm), 30 pieces
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HARTMANN MoliCare Premium Incontinence Diapers Super Plus Small (60-90 cm), 30 pieces

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MoliCare® Premium Slip Super Plus – Small

The skin-friendly incontinence diaper with a cloth texture exterior.

For very severe urinary and/or faecal incontinence. For safe care during the night thanks to the extremely high fluid storage capacity.

Size Small – Hip / Stomach Circumference: 60-90 cm


Incontinence diapers with an outer surface of cloth texture, impervious to liquids, with a soft air-permeable and moisture-repellent non-woven material in the hip area. They also feature pH-neutral Dry-Plus antibacterial non-woven technology, a super-absorbent core that traps unpleasant odors and a wetness indicator to indicate when it’s time to change a nappy. Outer coverage of the entire diaper made of non-woven material, anatomical inner walls that repel moisture and hug the foot.

They have an anatomical design with elastic folds around the legs. Self-adhesive velcro strips open and close many times. In a discreet white color with colored strips to mark the size and degree of absorbency. They offer perfect protection thanks to their high absorbency and ability to store liquids, reliable protection against leaks and excessive moisture.

They maintain a pleasantly dry environment around the skin thanks to their high air permeability in the hip area.

Hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested.


For severe and very severe incontinence of urine and/or faeces as well as for people who need special care or show strong anxiety. For healthy skin despite incontinence.

30 pieces