HARTMANN Veroval Duo Control Electronic Medium Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (22-32cm)
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HARTMANN Veroval Duo Control Electronic Medium Arm Blood Pressure Monitor (22-32cm)

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Hartmann Veroval Duo Control arm sphygmomanometer (Medium 22x32cm)


Veroval DUO CONTROL arm sphygmomanometer for accurate measurements

Large screen for easy reading of measurements

Detects and displays cardiac arrhythmia

Easy analysis of measurements with price signaling system

Comfortable cuff with ergonomic fit

With indication of correct placement of the cuff

Includes USB cable

The Veroval wrist sphygmomanometer has proven its high measurement accuracy as it has been awarded the European Hypertension Community Quality Seal.

Veroval DUO CONTROL Hartmann sphygmomanometer in general

Veroval DUO CONTROL arm sphygmomanometer because measuring blood pressure is one of the most common self-diagnosis procedures. HARTMANN has sphygmomanometers that are easy to use and absolutely accurate. With the Veroval DUO CONTROL sphygmomanometer you have the ability to measure your blood pressure at home at any time with absolute accuracy and reliability.

Helpful tips

The ideal blood pressure in healthy adults is below 120 for systolic and below 80 for diastolic. Any blood pressure value above 140 for systolic and above 90 for diastolic is considered hypertension. In particular, people with blood pressure values ​​between 120-139 for systolic or 85-89 for diastolic are considered to have borderline hypertension (pre-hypertension) and need regular monitoring of their blood pressure and immediate lifestyle changes.

We must not forget that blood pressure does not remain constant 24 hours a day. Therefore the diagnosis of hypertension should be based on multiple measurements. In order to diagnose hypertension, as a rule, many measurements must be mediated. To watch the person for a period of usually several weeks. For accurate measurement results, it is very important during the measurement that the blood pressure monitor is at the height of the heart. The Veroval wrist sphygmomanometer has an optical placement indicator as an extra indication to make sure you have placed it correctly. If you can see “OK” then you have placed the sphygmomanometer correctly and you are ready to measure.