Health Aid Children’s Echinacea with Cherry Flavor 50ml
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Health Aid Children’s Echinacea with Cherry Flavor 50ml

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There are three species of Echinacea known to date (Purpurea-Angustifolia-Pallida). Of these, Purpurea and Angustifolia are the ones that have been studied the most, in terms of their action in the natural strengthening of the immune system. Unregulated are the studies that prove its beneficial properties, especially in the autumn or winter months, when the body needs reinforcement and armor to be able to cope. Correspondingly, at younger ages, it supports the body during the school year, when the risk of catching a cold, either due to sports or through its transmission between children, is very likely.

Health Aid‘s Children’s Echinacea is manufactured to excellent specifications, from the best quality Echinacea Angustifolia extract. It is enriched with acerola fruit extract, a natural source of vitamin C, with strong antioxidant properties. It does not contain alcohol, with a wonderful cherry taste.

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