Health Aid Chlorella 550mg 60 tablets – Health Aid
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Health Aid Chlorella 550mg 60 tablets – Health Aid

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Health Aid Chlorella is a plant rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals, mainly calcium, phosphorus and iron.

It is one of the few algae that is eaten without side effects.

Contains high levels of B12 in natural form (ideal for vegetarians), high levels of chlorophyll, at least 58% protein and carbohydrates.

Chlorophyll is beneficial for maintaining good health of the digestive system, colon and also helps cleanse the blood (heavy metals, toxic elements).

It protects against the side effects of infrared radiation and due to the fact that it contains a lot of protein (58%), it is an ideal dietary supplement for those who do not want or can not eat meat.

Oval shape, green dotted tablets with a characteristic odor.

60 tablets in a brown glass vial.