Health Aid Garlic Oil 2mg 30 herbal capsules
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Health Aid Garlic Oil 2mg 30 herbal capsules

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Garlic oil 2 mg odorless.

One of the most ancient and beneficial in therapeutic foods, garlic, is traditionally used in a wide range of indications. Rich in flavonoids such as allicin, which is the most active ingredient in garlic. Continuous research has brought to the surface its beneficial effect on blood pressure and the protection of the immune system, thanks to its antioxidant action.

HealthAid Garlic Oil 2mg, is garlic oil which is equivalent to 2000mg of fresh and is received from the best quality, specially processed to be odorless, in a small herbal capsule (Gelatine Free), for easy swallowing.

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Adults & children over 6 years one capsule daily, after meals (with cold water),

Avoid taking it with hot drinks.

Each capsule contains:


Garlic Oil (odourless)


(Equivalent to 2000mg of fresh garlic bulb)