HEALTH AID INTERFRESH – Cool Breath 60caps
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HEALTH AID INTERFRESH – Cool Breath 60caps

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Interfresh capsules from HealthAid are a natural and highly concentrated liquid gel formulation specifically designed to help freshen your breath. Interfresh capsules work internally through the digestive system and eliminate the cause of bad breath from garlic, onion, fish, spicy foods and smoking. It also helps to overcome morning breathing and is a cure for bad breath.

Who are Interfresh Capsules for?

Interfresh capsules may be useful for:

Those who eat spicy / hot foods or drink foul-smelling drinks, such as coffee

Those who have dentures, poor oral hygiene or gum disease


Those who are ill, either temporarily, such as the flu or longer lasting and therefore on a medication program

Those with a disturbed digestive system

Those with stress, as part of the parasympathetic nervous system, of which you have no control (such as your breathing or heart rate), control saliva. So if no saliva is produced then your mouth becomes dry and your breathing gets worse

Anyone looking for the confidence of fresh breath

When should we take Interfresh Capsules?

Interfresh capsules should be taken in the morning to give you the confidence you need during the day or before meals to leave you with a breath of fresh mint. However, if you feel that you have been using Interfresh capsules for a long time to meet your daily needs, seek medical advice if there is a underlying medical cause.

Recommended Daily Intake of Interfresh:

Swallow two to three capsules daily after meals, preferably in the morning. Repeat if required up to 3 times daily. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake unless advised by your doctor.