Health Aid Multi Amino Acids 60 tablets
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Health Aid Multi Amino Acids 60 tablets

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Polyamino acids

Amino acids are organic building blocks of proteins. Of the 20 amino acids involved in the production of proteins, 8 can not be produced by the human body and are necessarily called. But in addition to these 20, there are other amino acids whose biological role is related to the regulation of metabolism, energy production, increasing endurance levels, fat management and various functions of the body (neurological, vascular, etc.). a.)

HealthAid Multi Amino Acids contain a total of 22 amino acids, essential and non-essential, in their natural form (free form) for better absorption and utilization by the body.

Adults and children over 16 years, 3-6 tablets daily on an empty stomach.

Each tablet contains: 
Alanine   70mg
Arginine   63mg
Aspartic acid   46mg
L-Carnitine     4mg
L-Cysteine     4mg
L-Citralline     3mg
Glycine 167mg
Glutamic acid   80mg
Hydroxyproline   97mg
Histidine     6mg
Hydroxylysine     7mg
Isoleucine   12mg
Lysine   32mg
Leucine   23mg
Methionine     6mg
L-Ornithine     4mg
Phenylalanine   16mg
Proline 110mg
Serine   28mg
Threonine   15mg
Tyrosine     2mg
Valine   18mg