Health Aid Pregnazon 30 tablets
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Health Aid Pregnazon 30 tablets

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Complete care of the pregnant woman & the fetus

The season with the greatest nutritional requirements for a woman’s health is in the period of trying to conceive, when she is pregnant and when she is breastfeeding. What is needed is sufficient amounts of folic acid which contributes to the proper development of maternal tissue during pregnancy, the neural tube and the brain of the fetus. Inositol is very important for the normalization of female hormones as well as vitamin B12 for cell division and the normal formation of red blood cells. Iron with vitamin C plays a beneficial role for healthy mental development, while zinc contributes to the normal synthesis of DNA.

HealthAid Pregnazon is a balanced formula with folic acid, inositol and 20 other ingredients that offer maximum nutritional support during periods of trying to conceive, during pregnancy, up to the stage of breastfeeding.

Gnost.EOF: 28662 / 03-03-2020

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1 tablet daily, with the main meal. Take only on a full stomach.

• Suitable for vegetarians and strictly vegetarians (vegans).

• Does not contain yeast, gluten, grains, soy, dairy, salt, dyes, preservatives or flavor enhancers.