Intermed Intima Disorders Mycosis Vaginal suppositories for fungi 10 pcs
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Intermed Intima Disorders Mycosis Vaginal suppositories for fungi 10 pcs

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Vaginal suppository for fungal infections

Enriched with chamomile extract and panthenol

Boric acid + Tea Tree oil + Lactic acid

EVA mycosis is a medical device specifically designed to control fungal infections of any etiology. Thanks to the combination of boric acid, tea tree oil and lactic acid, EVA mycosis inhibits the growth of fungi within 48 hours and at a rate of over 90% while balancing the vaginal environment. Its enriched composition in chamomile extract and panthenol relieves the feeling of burning and irritation and treats the damaged vaginal mucosa.


Indicated for vaginal infections by Candida albicans as well as Candida non-albicans strains in:

1. Candida albicans infections that do not or may not respond (eg, women with diabetes mellitus, immunosuppressed) to standard azole treatment.

2. Patients with recurrent recurrences (persistent vaginitis)

3. infections by Candida non-albicans sp

EVA mycosis is a treatment option:

1. As an adjunct treatment in cases where no fungicide will be performed in order to ensure the maximum therapeutic effect

2. As monotherapy in cases of recurrent relapses regardless of the causative agent (Candida albicans & Candida non-albicans strains)

3. As monotherapy in cases where after a mycogram it was found that the causative agent is Candida non-albicans strains such as Candida glabrata etc.

With boric acid, tea tree oil, lactic acid, PCP, chamomile extract and panthenol.

BT x 10 vaginal suppositories ..

Instructions for use

Therapeutic: 1 to 2 vaginal suppositories per day, for 14 consecutive days ideally before bedtime. Preventive: 1 vaginal suppository per day, ideally before bedtime for 5 consecutive days after the end of the period